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So, I think it's time. I did the actual count and it works out to four medals in respected international judging against commercial craft brewers from all over the world, awarded to beers I have designed.

At the risk of appearing egotistical, I'm going to run down the list (up to September 25th 2015) of commercially released beers, and the awards and distinctions associated with beers that I have designed. Some were architected by Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC then brewed as collaborations with commercial breweries in Spain. Some are designed and brewed by my very own little self - and served in the tasting room - at the BCT Brewing Project in Riverside California.

Valencia Saison - Saison. A collaboration brewed in Spain by Premium Beers from Spain (available in the US)
29 Daniel - Wine barrel aged Porter. A collaboration brewed and barrel aged in Spain by Mateo & Bernabé and Friends (available in the US)
• Thirsty Dog Saison - Organic Saison with herbs. A collaboration brewed in Islas Canarias by Tierra De Perros
• Parking Beer C Murciélago - Imperial IPA. A collaboration brewed in Spain with Mateo & Bernabé and Friends
• Parking Beer C Pelícano - White IPA. A collaboration brewed in Spain with Mateo & Bernabé and Friends
Café Olé - Coffee Porter. A collaboration brewed in Spain with Cerveses Spigha
Rosita White IPA - A collaboration brewed in Spain with Cerveses La Gardènia

BCT Brewing Project Beers:
Robin's Red - Irish Red Ale (gluten free). Core beer
• Sexy Mexican - Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale. Specialty Beer
Double White IPA - Imperial / Double IPA. Specialty Beer
Giniper White - White IPA. Super specialty Beer
• Super Blonde - American Blonde Ale. One time brew

Medals in International Competition:
• Bronze Medal, 2015 World Beer Awards - 29 Daniel
• Silver Medal, 2015 Dublin Craft Beer Cup - Rosita White IPA
• Bronze Medal, 2014 Dublin Craft Beer Cup - Valencia Saison
• Bronze Medal, 2015 International Beer Challenge - 29 Daniel

Distinctions - the customer speaks:
• Highest rated Porter brewed in Spain, - 29 Daniel
• 2nd Highest rated Porter brewed in Spain, - Café Olé
• Highest rated (stays in top 3) Saison brewed in Spain, - Valencia Saison

There's more beers to come for sure - watch our web pages and facebook pages. And let's keep our fingers crossed for more awards and distinctions.
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Giniper White on
Giniper White on

Only 16 ratings, and it takes 150 to get a beer in the global rankings, but a 4.13 average from the Untappd community for Giniper White is nice.

If I get to the global rankings with the same average, I would be brewing the highest ranked (by the Untappd community) White IPA in the world by a good margin. The current #1 White IPA's average rating is 3.87.


Another buyout of a California Craft Brewery by Anheuser-Busch InBev announced today.

Here's my recommendation, when you're choosing a beer at your bottle shop, or deciding where to go for a fresh craft pour. Choose a beer from a local brewery that makes good beer. A brewery where, when you shake the owner's hand you can be confident it held a sack of grain or a broom recently. Maybe even one where the beer architect, brewer, and cleaner-upper are all the same guy or gal.

There's plenty of great beer made by small breweries. Bypass the mega-booze retailers and visit a small bottle shop or go pick up a growler at a tasting room. Get closer to the source where the investor puts their own ingenuity, heart, and horsepower - instead of some extra cash - into the beer you're about to enjoy.


Hippopotamus and Performer. Great Rayman Circus, Madras, India, 1989
Hippopotamus and Performer. Madras, India, 1989

I mean nobody really needs a Triple IPA this Saturday. Ok, so you may want one – but you don't really need one or you gonna die or something. Logistics regarding kegs and tap lines and such means I will not be kegging HippoHoptamus tonight. That's actually a good thing because the beer gets another day to clear (cold crash) and another day on the dry hops.

So relax… HippoHoptamus is coming. But it will be sometime in the coming week, not on Saturday. We'll let you know when it's on.