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Though the BCT Brewing Project is no longer a thing, if you enjoyed our beer or like what you see on this page, please check out and like and follow Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC on Facebook. Thanks all for your support and patronage.

This page is archival for nostalgic value, it's a list of some of the best beers made by the BCT Brewing Project.

• Core Beers will orbit a base style that a typical craft beer drinker will recognize, and they will be influenced by a BCT twist that will make them unique.
• Specialty Beers may be higher in alcohol, or have special grains, sugars, or processes used in the brewing. Usually seasonal. They will delight many palates and challenge a few.

A common thread is woven through all of the beers. We maintain a goal of creating something special – grounded in the traditions of brewing – exhibiting complexity, balance, and drinkability. Nothing fancy, something special.

Core Beers

Specialty Beers