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Double White IPA

Double White IPA by BCT Brewing Project
Double White IPA by BCT Brewing Project

A Double White IPA? Well why not? It's a hybrid, high ABV and aggressively hopped Wheat Ale - bringing together the grainy backbone characters of a wheat ale and the bitter/aromatic characters of a Double IPA. Deep golden yellow in color with a fluffy white head. Clean/crisp and grainy Belgian malt and wheat backbone, supporting the bitter, herbal, citrus, and pepper from French, Japanese, and New Zealand hops (and an American/Belgian yeast blend) in both the aromas and flavors. Most of the hops are late boil and dry hop additions - which means the hops should express more in flavors and aromas than in bitterness. Medium body, finishing slightly sweet and slippery with a lingering crisp bitterness.

The Story:
Not much of a story here. I like American IPAs. I like White IPAs. I like Double IPAs. I like a bit of something from each of these styles, and I like the character Belgian grain and yeast contribute to beers in general. Pick the best characters from each of these styles and a touch of Belgian influence - then bring them all together in one big, strong, hoppy, pale beer. And what's it? It's a Double White IPA, obviously - and don't argue about it.

The Numbers:
Estimated ABV: 9.6%
Calculated IBU: 77
Color in SRM: 6


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