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Giniper White

Some of the floral and herbal aromatics in Giniper White.
Some of the floral and herbal aromatics in Giniper White.

A Specialty White IPA with New World hops and juniper berries providing the piney/resin backbone. Golden yellow in color, slightly hazy from malted wheat. Clean malts and restrained bitter resinous hop backbone. The primary aromatic component is juniper berries, imparting a piney aroma and flavor and a perception of sweetness. Herbal and floral aromatics - Taiwanese tea roses, German chamomile, sweet citrus sinensis, wildflower honey, and more - contribute characters similar to a fine Gin. Light body with a lingering herbal/floral finish.

The Story:
Giniper White is inspired by the extraordinary depth and complexity of floral and herbal characters expressed in the handcrafted Gin I enjoyed while in Spain.

The concept is to start with a juniper enhanced, American White IPA backbone. Then layer in the complexities of (some very expensive) herbal and floral aromatics, and bring together a refreshing White IPA that blooms of extraordinary floral and herbal aromas and flavors. And to do it all with nuance and balance - and we did it.

Your nose and palate will never have experienced a beer like this.

The Numbers:
Estimated ABV: 7%
Calculated IBU: 44
Color in SRM: 4


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