Robin’s Red

Robin's Red
Robin's Red

An Irish Red Ale - almost - with some deviation from baseline in grains (snuck some Rye in) and process for matters of taste, and to make it drinkable for my son with non-celiac gluten sensitivity - it's lab tested under 10ppm gluten.

Red color with an amber tinted off-white head. Clean malt backed by the characters of toasted brown bread and caramel, balanced with herbal and floral hop notes. Light body with a touch of residual sweetness and a dry finish.

The Story:
The goal for this beer is to make a great beer, in a style, and with gluten content reduced to a level, that my son will enjoy. So why all the dancing around the term "gluten free" and not just say it's gluten free? Well, various reasons. First, the official food label rules for gluten free don't apply to alcoholic beverages. Then there's the fact that a facility that makes gluten free stuff cannot also be processing stuff that has gluten, and we're a brewery. Then there's... well... let's just say calling it "Gluten Free" is too much trouble, so we won't call it that.

Robin's Red has been analytically tested at a lab (every tenth batch) and has less than 20ppm gluten, that's less than the international standard for food products labeled "gluten free". We can say this beer, Robin's Red, is crafted to remove gluten. It is made with grains that contain gluten. There is currently no international standard test to verify the gluten content of fermented products. The finished product contains extraordinarily minute (less than 20ppm) amounts of gluten.

Oh! and a tip of our hat to Chris Noctis, head brewer for Nocturna Brewing Company in Ensenada Mexico. He gave me tips for how they get the terrific red color in Red Crow, their Irish Red Ale.

The Numbers:
Estimated ABV: 5.7%
Calculated IBU: 27
Color in SRM: 15


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Robin's Red - Gluten Test Batch 1
Robin's Red - Gluten Test Batch 1