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Spanish Mocha

Café Torrefacto on the right.
Café Torrefacto on the right.

A Porter that is brimming with aromas and flavors, layered over a medium light body so it isn't heavy. Cocoa brown color and a tan head. Aromas of caramel, cocoa, Spanish coffee, and crème brûlée. Flavors of mild comforting toasty malts, with a touch of roast malt, cocoa, and coffee. Mouthfeel medium to medium/light, finishing with a lingering mocha character.

The Story:
I want to share with my friends something - one of the many things - I love dearly about Spain. It's a type of coffee called Café Torrefacto. Sugar is added while the beans are tumbling in the roaster. The beans are roasted well and finish with a shiny, nearly black coating of deeply caramelized sugar. Café Torrefacto is blended as a small percentage with the typical light roast, mild beans used in Spain to make a traditional serving of Spanish coffee with lovely complexity - but not too heavy.

But me, instead of coffee, I'll blend the Café Torrefacto with a rich (but not heavy) Porter. A chocolaty Porter that is lightly touched with two kinds of cocoa, a couple sweet herbs, and balanced with a restrained addition of noble hops. And there my friends, is how we make a beer called Spanish Mocha.

The Numbers:
Estimated ABV: 6.6%
Calculated IBU: 27
Color in SRM: 25


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Spanish Mocha, by BCT Brewing Project
Spanish Mocha, by BCT Brewing Project. A lovely Porter with Spanish Coffee, Cocoa, and Vanilla Beans.