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Wild in the Sacc

Wild in the Sacc by BCT Brewing Project
Wild in the Sacc by BCT Brewing Project

Wild in the Sacc is a very clean and crisp Pale Ale slightly fruity with citrus characters, peachy chardonnay aromas, and hints of an earthy “farmhouse” character. It's Fermented with a propriety wild Saccharomyces yeast sourced in Southern California.

The Story:
This beer is designed to be a clean backbone to showcase the nuanced characters of a wild Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast harvested from the skin of a tangerine in the yard of Beancurdturtle Brewing. Click here for the whole incredibly scintillating story.

The Numbers:
Estimated ABV: 5.6%
Calculated IBU: 25
Color in SRM: 4


Though the BCT Brewing Project is no longer a thing, if you enjoyed our beer or like what you see on this page, please check out and like and follow Beancurdturtle Brewing LLC on Facebook. Thanks all for your support and patronage.