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I’m So So Sorry ! *sob*

BCT Brewing Project Menu 04/29/2016
BCT Brewing Project Menu 04/29/2016

What's on tap this weekend? Robin's Red is back on tap.

Yes I know I promised to have Robin's Red on all the time. Yes I know it tapped out late last week. Yes I am ever so sorry, so very sorry. But, this is partly your fault. No, no - I'm not blaming you for drinking it. I'm thrilled that you like it so well that I may have to brew it every three weeks.

I just didn't realize you would be so thirsty for a damn good Irish Red Ale. It's like it's the one of the very best Irish Red Ales you've ever had. I brew it, and you drink it all within a few weeks.

So, keep up the good work - and I'll really truly try to keep it on all the time.

Big love!